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Create a makerspace: Robot building for kids

While touring through Italy and France this week in our homeschool journey in , we did an artist study on the art and inventions of Leonardo Davinci. We read Neo Leo and talked about how many of his projects were “failures” in his lifetime but that they went on to be life changing successes for the world we live in today. We decided to try our own luck at building and purchased the Giggleway Robot from amazon.

Directions with pictures for clarification

1. I love that this kit comes with multiple projects so that both my kids can have their own project or they can choose to work together.
2. $25 for the kit was worth it to see the teamwork that came as a result. The parts are small, so the kids had to be very careful in handling the parts and while assembling. Due to the meticulous manner in which they must work, what appeared to be a 5 minute project took a good amount of time, as they carefully poured of the directions and worked together.
3. My kids were absolutely delighted by the final product!
4. Its available on amazon so whats not to love about prime shipping


1. Parts are super small and hard to work with. I am the first to give my kids a project rated for older ages, but I do agree with Giggleway that this is best suited for ages 8+ or best partnered with a parent. You may want to be on standby, no matter what age, to assist when needed or to help clarify directions.

Assembling may require assistance due to the small parts.

It is challenging for my own kids to come up with their own inventions, so this was a great way to dive into a project where they had a little more guidance. From here, we had so much fun talking about what worked well and how we could improve on the design. The build helped them see a machine from the very tiny pieces to the final product, which helped them begin to come up with their own ideas on designs. I can’t wait to see what Giggleway comes up with next.

Almost complete

We liked it so much, we reached out and asked for a discount for our followers. If you want to give robot building a try, be sure to use the coupon code: 8GSREYCS for 50% off your order at https://amzn.to/31fK5BV

Disclosure: I am a homeschooling mom blogger that may receive compensation from some of the links. I test each product thoroughly and give my own opinions. I do not promote items that my own family does not use and enjoy.

Artic Adventures

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This week’s theme is Artic Adventures.

We read some adorable books and traveled to the Atlanta Aquarium. We are hoping to go back after our unit to bring more information to life. We learned about arctic animals and then took a detour into talking about their prey, fish. This unit came together with our Kiwi Crate stem box, all about fish. We learned about different types of fish and created a “fishing game”.


Penguin Problems: After reading this book we wrote “Even though (list frustration), I am grateful for (fill in blank). We discussed things that make us frustrated and how we can look on the bright side. We also discussed solutions for communicating with others (especially siblings) when we’re feeling frustrated. This was a great book to incorporate social skills.

Tacky the Penguin

The Peguin Cha Cha

Little Penguin Gets the hiccups: We did a “how to” writing prompt on how to scare the hiccups away.

Rainbow Fish



Since we’re about to move to a new state, we read Poles Apart and discussed different ways to communicate with friends near and far. We’ve start operation Mail It Monday. Every Monday, we write a letter/postcard or send a package to a new friend. We’re hoping over time, at least a few friends will rediscover their love for snail mail.


Check out this great packet on penguin themed math problems to build fluency with numbers. Includes counting from a given number, counting by 10s, as well as adding and subtracting.

Building a child’s number sense is the greatest thing you can do to help them become comfortable working with math. I love the use of an art craft to tie in engagement with the discussing the value of numbers and their relationships to other numbers.

Polar bear math game for second grade base ten operations concepts like adding 10s and 100s to two and three digit numbers for hands on fun and creative learning with a fun polar bear craft!


We are working on addition facts and I adore turning math into a game. Use a hundreds chart to work on addition up to 100.

Create patterns with animal cards.

Working on number fluency and basic addition fluency.jan_4872

I love this fun math activity to create a real life word problem.
1. Check out this cute little lab to see how penguins stay dry.

  1. Print 2  Penguin Printables.
  2. Color both with marker. Then leave one alone and color over the penguin with crayons.
  3. Have your child make predictions as to what will happen when you spray both with water. Discuss why they think that would happen.
  4. Fill a spray bottle with water.
  5. Spray the water onto the colored penguin.
  6. Observe the water repel off the crayon colored penguin.

After the experiment, discuss how the wax from the crayon prevents the water from being absorbed, just like how the wax on the penguins’ feathers repel the water and help keep the penguins dry.

2. Create a food chain that represents the animals in the arctic. Discuss predators and prey. Draw connections to the foods that we eat.  My kids love music, so I thought this song would be fun to get their brains thinking about eating.

3. We had a blast with our Kiwi Crate STEM fishing kit. . We loved the comic, informational text, easy to use instructions for STEM design, as well as a built in art project.I love that everything arrives ready to be assembled and is engaging for young minds.jan_4900jan_4921jan_4941jan_4938jan_4945


Create snowflakes

My kids love silly songs so here’s a few for fun.

While building our Kiwi Crate STEM fishing kit & fish  artwork, we listened to fish songs

jan_4949Slippery Fish

5 Little Fishies (like 5 little monkeys)

Thursday we will be cooking because “Cooks can read”. Here’s a little something silly to talk about what kind of foods we should (or shouldn’t make)

Friday night is pizza night. So we will make pizza and sing.


Crayola Experience. Read The Pencil and discuss how different tolls allow us to create different types of art. Do you have a favorite tool? Use a different one each day this week.