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Surviving off of caffeine

I’ve always been a working mom up until recently. This move to Atlanta inspired us to grab life by the horns and make it exactly what we want. Afterall, we only get to live once, right?



I traded in my full time job (and salary) for a part time gig (or 2 or 3). I spend my mornings and some evenings when the kids are in bed teaching kids in China English with VIPKID school. You know the place. You’ve seen the ad on facebook. I have to be honest, at first I thought this company was a scam and figured I was donating my hours to the good people of China, but it has turned out to be a dream come true. Flexible hours, competitive pay, and I get to work from home and have the ability to devote my best self to my kids. If you’re a teacher looking for extra cash, a summer job, or maybe to take a break from the classroom, check this company out. I’m happy to help answer any questions you may have about the interview process or why VIPKID is a good fit for you. (

I spend the rest of my day writing articles about Life in Atlanta with Kids for, focusing on rebuilding my family photography business here in the Newnan/Sharpsburg/Peachtree City area, and of course the best part-giving my best self to my family.

These busy days must start with coffee! My personal favorite is sipping a hot latte while the kids eat breakfast and we make plans for the day. #fueledbycoffee
If I’m in a rush (or looking to be healthier), I keep cold brew on hand and mix 1 cup coffee, 1 scoop vegan chocolate shakeology, ice, and 1/2 frozen banana in the blender and sip this protein, nutrient rich drink while on the go. High in protein, iron, and other important nutrients, this keeps me full and the extra caffeine gives me the buzz I need to get things done. Plus lets be honest, those lattes (loaded with whole milk and sugar) aren’t always so kind to my 30 something body.


Now, working from home, sometimes I need to get out of my own house. For those days, Atlanta is the mecca for funky shops and restaurants and I love trying all the places around town. Coffee sipping and people watching- YES PLEASE! Check out a few of my favorite coffee shops in Atlanta for when you’ve got the kids in tow. These places are all designed for the convenience of your morning cup and the comfort of your crazy kids ❤



Keeping cool this summer

With summer’s scorching heat, my husband and I have both been hitting a wall when it comes to working or playing outside. This summer mocktail is such a refreshing treat!


We’re trying to make this house a home and keep the kids engaged outside with all the fun that Atlanta has to offer, but goooooooodness…..this heat is enough to knock anyone on their bootay. This watermelon lime concoction has become our summer go-to to beat the heat and stay hydrated and even the kids like it.

1-2 cups watermelon
juice from 1/2-1 lime
mint leaves
Toss in the blender and enjoy!

Don’t feel like taking out the blender? Try one of my favorites, Hydrate, from the beachbody performance line. Just add water and shake!


Tastes like orange gatorade, is similar in price, but contains natural ingredients you can feel good about. For comparison, Beachbody Hydrate has a few more items on the nutrition label than the Gatorade Organic. At just 10 grams of sugar, Hydrate is significantly lower than gatorade. The sodium and potassium counts are the same and in addition to beet sugar and dextrose it contains the stevia leaf extract as well as natural mandarin orange flavor as a sweetener. Magnesium(an electrolyte) & Quercitin are two (natural) key ingredients that improve hydrawtion, improve endurance, and decrease exercise induced muscle fatigue.

Beachbody Hydrate is far superior to the vast majority of commercial sports drinks with  a lot less sugar and the added the benefits of magnesium and quercetin. Check it out $34.95 for 40 servings means less than $1 a serving!