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Gluten and Dairy free snacks for kids

As a homeschooling mom of three, constantly on the go, bouncing between dance, soccer, playdates, and frequently traveling I keep a well stocked diaper bag. It is important to me to have quality products with healthy ingredients, gluten and dairy free, and those that can survive the southern heat without melting into a puddle. Below are some of our favorite staples to keep the hangries away.

*Some links may include referral codes that generate money to support this growing blog and my growing family. The reviews are all my own*

Lola Snacks

We love these glutenfree, vegan probiotic bars that taste like an oatmeal cookie. Use “glutenfreefamilyadventures” at to get 20% off your order.

Bee Free Granola

These little granola bags are perfect for snacking.


Freeze dried fruit is one of our favorites to leave in the car. We don’t have to worry about it melting and its a sweet and healthy snack to balance out all the granola bars.

Fruit pouches and applesauce

Applesauce at the house and fruit pouches on the go. We don’t have a particular brand we’re attached to, but love when there is no added sugar; such as GoGoSqueeze, Wackyapple, and Aldi brand.

Splendid Spoon

Busy moms run on Splendid Spoon.
Gluten free and vegan smoothies and meals prepped and delivered to your door.
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First order is only $45 for 5 smoothies and 5 soups or grain bowls

Rule breakers

Brownies made with beans
Kid tested, mother approved

France and Italy for Kids

We’re lucky enough to have a well stocked library with an updated collection, but when they don’t have what we need, we listen on epic, youtube, or purchase our spines and other long lasting books from amazon. Thriftbooks is also an option, but amazon is super competitive in pricing and tends to be more likely to have things in stock.

With a history of famous artists and the year of enlightenment, we stumbled into a week overflowing with artists and the use of simple machines, so this week was heavy in the realm of art and science.

S4P3. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the relationship between balanced and unbalanced forces.
a.Plan and carry out an investigation on the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on an object and communicate the results.
b.Construct an argument to support the claim that gravitational force affects the motion of an object.
c.Ask questions to identify and explain the uses of simple machines (lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, wheel and axle, and screw) and how forces are changed when simple machines are used to complete tasks.(Clarification statement:The use of mathematical formulas is not expected.)

  1. Media:
    1. Mystery Science: Forces
      1. Tug of War
      2. Slides
      3. Roller coaster videos and create a roller coaster challenge
  2. Hands on:
    1. Simple machines with Kiwi Co (arcade game, disc shooter, ec )
    2. Draw simple machines that you see in everyday life. Then use simple machines to complete a task (compare with and without).
    3. Read about Davinci (Neo Leo) and discuss the idea of things that stop us from succeeding and how we build on others ideas to reach success.
    4. Gravity Maze a fun game to challenge your child to build a maze while using gravity to move the ball from start to finish
    5. Create a roller coaster using a pool noodle. Provide challenges such as create a roller coaster with one hill, two hills, a taller 2nd hill, a taller 1st hill, etc. Make sure you have a way to “end” your roller coaster so the marble doesn’t fly off the end. Feel free to include challenges by changing the ball (wooden, large, small, glass marble, etc). This is a wonderful challenge to encourage the idea of design, test, and revise. There will be failures. Take the time to talk about why things worked AND why they did NOT. Need a little more guidance, look here.
  3. Books: 
    1. Neo Leo (all about Davinci’s ideas that led to modern technology. Also includes “code” that Davinci used to write in)
Stem for kids, click here for a discount code

We decided to dive in deep with this one and studied a wide variety of artists and styles. We read countless books, watch videos, mimicked originals, tested new styles, and then compiled it all together to create our own “art museum” complete with hor ‘uerves and desserts from France and Italy. We invited friends to join us by contributing a food item, beverage, or art piece and then invited the families to join us for a night of art, food, and music. The artists created self portraits and biographies so they could be properly introduced before our guests toured the “museum”.

There are so many artists to choose from so take longer and go deeper, but for now these are a few that we studied; Michaelangelo, Leonardo Davinci, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, and Artemisla Gentileschi with focus on Renaissance art , impressionism, and

  1. Media:
    1. Art with Mati & Dada cartoon series features many artists in a format great for kids
    2. Tate Kids art films for kids, such as What do Henri Matisse’s collages mean?
  2. Books:
    1. Use books by Eric Carle to discuss the similarities between his work and Matisse, as he was an inspiration for much of his art. Great time to discuss how we can use the ideas of others to create our own style.
  3. Hands on (Inspiration)
    1. Mona Lisa spinoff, use the template to help students create their own Mona Lisa without the intimidation of starting from scratch
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Galapagos Island and Evolution for Kids

Each week, my kids pick a country to explore. This week’s pick: The Galapagos Island. What better place could there be than these incredible islands to dive a little deeper into the discussion adaptations to discuss evolution.


  1. Octonauts: Marine Iguanas (netflix)
  2. Star Stuff: carl Sagan and the myseries of the cosmos
  3. Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of LIfe
  4. Older Than the Stars by Karen Fox
  5. Grandmother Fish: A Child’s First Book of Evolution by Karen Lewis ( we weren’t huge fans of this)
  6. Island: A Story of the Galapagos (great story of evolution)
  7. Hands on: Speckled moth lab
  8. Hands on:Bird beak lab
  9. Reflect: after the labs/books: pick an animal and write about the adaptations that were made over the years to better adapt to the island (finch, tortoise, penguins, etc)


  1. Rebel Girls: Cholita Climbers pg. 36
  2. Darwin was an expert sailor. Great opportunity to learn knot tying and talk about how improper knots could lead to disaster
  3. Read: Where are the Galapagos Islands?
  4. Read: Who was Charles Darwin?

Just for fun media:

  1. Bucket List Family in the Galapagos Wk64 & Week 113
  2. National Geographic clip
  3. Plastic in Paradise (great for a conversation on how humans are impacting the environment)

Create a makerspace: Robot building for kids

While touring through Italy and France this week in our homeschool journey in , we did an artist study on the art and inventions of Leonardo Davinci. We read Neo Leo and talked about how many of his projects were “failures” in his lifetime but that they went on to be life changing successes for the world we live in today. We decided to try our own luck at building and purchased the Giggleway Robot from amazon.

Directions with pictures for clarification

1. I love that this kit comes with multiple projects so that both my kids can have their own project or they can choose to work together.
2. $25 for the kit was worth it to see the teamwork that came as a result. The parts are small, so the kids had to be very careful in handling the parts and while assembling. Due to the meticulous manner in which they must work, what appeared to be a 5 minute project took a good amount of time, as they carefully poured of the directions and worked together.
3. My kids were absolutely delighted by the final product!
4. Its available on amazon so whats not to love about prime shipping


1. Parts are super small and hard to work with. I am the first to give my kids a project rated for older ages, but I do agree with Giggleway that this is best suited for ages 8+ or best partnered with a parent. You may want to be on standby, no matter what age, to assist when needed or to help clarify directions.

Assembling may require assistance due to the small parts.

It is challenging for my own kids to come up with their own inventions, so this was a great way to dive into a project where they had a little more guidance. From here, we had so much fun talking about what worked well and how we could improve on the design. The build helped them see a machine from the very tiny pieces to the final product, which helped them begin to come up with their own ideas on designs. I can’t wait to see what Giggleway comes up with next.

Almost complete

We liked it so much, we reached out and asked for a discount for our followers. If you want to give robot building a try, be sure to use the coupon code: 8GSREYCS for 50% off your order at

Disclosure: I am a homeschooling mom blogger that may receive compensation from some of the links. I test each product thoroughly and give my own opinions. I do not promote items that my own family does not use and enjoy.

Is Splendid Spoon worth the money?

Try Splendid Spoon and get $50 off your first order!

I don’t normally invest in meal delivery services because I have a large family to feed and with my frugal ways can make some pretty awesome meals for little money. HOWEVER, with a traveling husband and picky kids, sometimes I just want to hand my kids a pb&j and sit back and eat something that tastes great while nourishing my tired as a mother self.

I signed up with Splendid Spoon because I first and foremost, gluten free food is a must in this house, but I also loved the unique flavors and plant based meals. While we are not a vegan family, we try very hard to have plant based meals at the center of our meal planning. Whenever I treat myself to something, I try to splurge on something on I don’t know how to make or something that my kids would refuse to eat so that it is worth the spend.

Busy can be healthy

I’ve tried Splendid Spoon a few times now and love the ease of the breakfast ready to go. I teach english online from 6-9am, prior to beginning our homeschool day, and love being able to sip on a smoothie before or in between classes. Paired with my morning coffee, the smoothies hold me over until lunchtime.

As is typical with my life, I thought anything with the word chocolate in it would be my favorite but I was surprised by how much I love all the green smoothies which is generally way more my husband’s speed.

Favorite flavors include: Power Greens, Plant Based probiotic (think lemon and coconut), Green Matcha, Blackberry Basil, and of course a chocolate had to make its way into the favorites list with Chocolate Cherry. Only cons on the smoothies would be Cacao Almond, the flavor is awesome but the chunks of cacao and nuts doesn’t work for me. I want a smooth creamy sip.

Splendid Spoon Smoothies

If my husband is traveling the soup is all mine, but often I split it into two servings and serve with garlic toast and a side salad. Its just an easy way for a light, refreshing meal, without sweating in the kitchen over a big pot of soup. The soups have been another surprise for me, as I’ve fallen in love most with flavors I’ve never even heard of.

Favorite soups include: Red Beet Buddha Bowl, Masala Khichri, Kabocha Congee, Carrot Lentil Curry, Cauliflower Tikka and Green Gazpacho. In colder months, I like to cook up a big pot of rice using the gazpacho as the broth and serve with black beans or grilled chicken. It gives the rice such an insanely scrumptious flavor!

Grain bowls:
WHAT?!? I just got the email that these are releasing THIS week as I’m writing this post. I can’t give an opinion yet, but just you wait…. My love for grain bowls is equivalent to my husband’s insane love for soups year round.  I’m so excited for these. I mean check out these flavors!

What now?
Not sure if Splendid Spoon is right for you?

Click this link for $50 off your first order and try it for yourself. $45 for 5 soups and 5 smoothies cooked and delivered to your door.

That’s a price that can’t be beat. Plus, Splendid Spoons customer service as been nothing but amazing. If you are unhappy, customize your meals differently or cancel your subscription with ease. 

BIG DISCOUNTS for your first order!

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Disclosure: I am a food blogger that may receive compensation from some of the links. I test each product thoroughly and give my own opinions. I do not promote items that my own family does not use and enjoy.

3rd Grade Math Escape Room

My husband and I did an escape room with some friends while on vacation and fell in love with the the mind provoking fun. I surprised him with this at home version. We are planning to have some friends over for a game night and will report back since this game is a one time use. I felt a little bummed when I saw it was only a one timer since I misread the details online (19 activities, not 19 different plays), but then quickly remembered that this at home version is infinitely cheaper than a night out.

I am guilty of finding a new hobby and wanting to do it on the repeat (sorry honey), so this idea quickly took over my brain and now my kids have their very own escape room at home. I love the idea of using these in the classroom or as a homeschool mama to bring fun back into learning. You can find my latest escape for 3rd graders here. Your kids will hardly notice their doing math, as they problem solve through higher order multistep problems to escape the lovebugs. escapethelovebugspreview

This would be perfect as a review for before testing or a great way to make math more engaging on Valentine’s Day when finishers are rewarded with a sweet treat.

We covered these skills 3.MD.D.8, 3.OA.D.8, MP1 but are always up for the challenge of creating new games.

In the comments, drop what standards you would like seen covered?

Let’s Play Math

When I started homeschooling my son, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into.

I had been a 5th grade math and science teacher for a decade, but teaching your own children is a different beast. You see, my kids are perfect angels at school, and while still good for me, they let they’re more carefree side show in mama’s presence. I won’t complain because I know this is they’re safe place, but I knew creating a space for learning would have to look different than it did in my public school classroom.36223065_10108233436304492_3775347961957974016_o

My daughter is super studious and loves to learn. She pours over books, plays school tirelessly, and writes books and agendas for fun. My son, on the other hand, has always been a little more free spirited. While he’s always been on track, I never thought of him as an advanced learner. That all changed when our life became the classroom. With a month, my 4 year old was reading and his math skills were off the charts.

I turned every standard into a game and met him where he was at. I had a 4 year old who loved to play, why not just play with him? Some people disagree that learning must take place in the old fashioned way with paper and pencil, but with a decade in the classroom, my observations are far more wide spread than through my lens as a mother. I reflected back on my time in the classroom and recognized the things I did that truly made gains with my students.
*hands-on activities
*escape rooms
*discussion based learning
*reading for fun
*allowing students the chance to see their self worth through conversations, growth mindset, literature, activities that nurture their non-acaedmic talents, etc


I began to see him as a learner who grew when he was engaged and having fun and nothing was fun about a worksheet, nothing was fun about writing when his poor little hands hadn’t developed the fine motor skills yet to master proper pencil holding. All that would come, IN TIME. jan_4121b

Imagine a classroom where you meet a kid where they’re at, engage them in lessons they want to learn, and modify when things aren’t going well. While that is the goal of every public school teacher, with a classroom of 22 (sometimes x 6) that’s just not feasible to meet all students where they’re at. Enter the beauty of homeschooling. You, the parent, can serve as the teacher and modify the lesson to meet the exact needs of your child.

If I learned nothing else as a teacher, I learned that when kids love learning, they will learn so much more. Challenge yourself to stop when things aren’t going well. If you feel frustrated or they feel frustrated, give yourself the grace to pause and ask “do we need to persevere or can we find a new approach?” I thought my son struggled with math until I pulled the board games out. Questions that had once made him cry were easily answered when it meant that Captain American could avoid the chutes and climb the ladder. PLUS, who doesn’t want to spend a day cozied up playing board games with their kids?

Maui with Kids

In late August, my husband and I stumbled upon some crazy cheap airline tickets to Hawaii – $400 from Atlanta to Maui – um, YES PLEASE.

We quickly searched for rentals and decided it was too good to pass up. You see, in September, when all the kiddos go back to school, the prices on tourism driven places drops significantly. We snagged a beautiful two bedroom condo right on the beach for half off. Tucked on the Maalaea Bay, away from the popular tourist filled hotels, we found our own little slice of paradise. It was less than a mile from the aquarium and a great place to base out of for our daily excursions.

Booking so last minute gave us the crazy idea to keep our trip a surprise. So we researched and planned and NEVER told the kids. Then on Sept 19, we woke them at the crack of dawn.

“Do you guys want to skip school today?”
(half asleep) “yeaaaa”
“Great, you have ten minutes to pack a bag, we’re heading to the airport.” and then we walked out of the room.

The night before we had packed our one suitcase for our family of 5 and were ready to roll out. When we arrived at the airport, we gave them a folder with riddles and activities. In order to discover our destination, they had to complete the puzzles. The kicker is we flew to San Fransisco first and with a 7hour layover, decided to spend the day exploring. After lunch, we had the kids complete one more activity which told them we were going back to the airport and heading to MAUI! ❤ ❤ ❤

With our condo directly on the beach and our bodies wired for EST, we woke early every morning to sunrise on the beach and were ready to crash not much after sunset on the beach. We got our beach fill that way (and stayed sunburn free) and spend the rest of the days exploring the amazing wonders of the island.


Day 1: arrive at 7:30pm. RUN to Costco, stock up, head home to crash. Costco is your best bet for inexpensive grocery shopping and it is a mile from the airport, making access super easy. There is also a food truck market across the street. If you arrive during the day, stop by. There are so many great local eats with amazing pricing. Everywhere else on the island is pricey.

FUN GF costco items: Kona dark chocolate macademia nuts and Teriyaki Pork Jerky

Day 2: Drive around the area, enjoy the pool, and head to the movie theater to meet The Bucket List family at the Smallfoot premiere. THIS was a major highlight for my kids since they dream of their own bucket list. If you don’t already follow this family, be sure to check them out on youtube or instagram. Their videos are such a great way to introduce your own kids to different parts of the world while encouraging bravery and kindness.42672707_10108531126979992_6770476318157963264_o

Day 3: Iao Valley (easy, friendly hike for all ages) and then we spent the afternoon wandering around Lahaina, checking out the big banyan trees, and eating all the yummy Pork and Fish tacos at the Fish market.


Day 4 (sat): We stopped at the Swap meet over by the University and fueled up on coconut water and the most delicious Brazilian Cheese bread. This swap meet is a must for anyone looking for souvenors. The vendors supply to a lot of the retail shops, so you can shop here and save a lot of money. The kids found $1 bracelets for their friends and beautiful Hawaiian outfits for their American girl dolls. 42274495_10108514244228162_3600743964983951360_o

We then worked our way over to the Wai’hee Ridge Valley Trail.


Now unlike Iao Valley, this is a moderate hike. Roughly 4 miles round trip, I would highly recommend lots of water and some snacks. We made it about 3 miles because we didn’t want to break the kids and it was worth every.single.step of the journey. 7,000 foot views allow you to see down into the ridge and out over the ocean. It was truly remarkable. We had a rule for the kids, no whining. If they had a problem, they could say it IF they also had a solution.

Ex. I’m tired, can I take a nap.
I’m hungry, may I have a snack.

This magical rule changed the hike and we all made it ❤42675061_10108530965059482_4295119372202016768_o

Day 5: Haleakala – Don’t complain – just set your alarm early, make the 2 hour drive and enjoy sunrise 10,000 feet up in the clouds. DRESS WARM. You are in the clouds and that high of elevation means a massively different climate than down below.

Be sure to grab a pass ($1.50) to get in, as the park no limits visitors at sunrise so everyone can enjoy the view. Passes sell quickly but at 4pm each day they release more tickets online for 48 hours out. Its a national park, so bring your annual pass or pay $25 for admission. If early mornings aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Haleakala is beautiful all day! On your way down, be sure to stop at the first overpass for a closer look into the crater.42723696_10108531128082782_7425799374459895808_o

Head into the Ranger station and let the kids experience becoming a junior range.

Afterwards, we head into Kihei where the boys enjoyed beer and we enjoyed the outside cornhole sets and then we headed to Coconuts for some seriously delicious Fish Tacos. This was one of my favorites and so gluten free friendly.

Day 6: Road to Hana

There is so much to see, so download The Shaka Guide app on your phone. Based on GPS, he’ll talk you through all the highlights, give history on the area, and help you time out your trip to maximize your experience. He told us about some gems, we surely would have driven past, such as the Gulch.


Day 7: We decided to take it easy on our final day and let the kids choose our activities. They wanted a beach day, so we did a quick costco run for souveniors and a gas fuelup and grabbed the most amaaaazing Kalua Pork from Da Kitchen. This restaurant is a popular one, so we ordered our food to go and enjoy it at home.

Maui was everything and so much more than I ever imagined it could be.

We wanted to make sure the kids knew our choice to travel during the school year was not a reflection of our disregard for education but rather a way to enhance it. They had many activities to complete,  but with the beauty of the island we had many discussions on the types of rocks, we scouted our igneous rocks, and climbed the now dormant volcano, Haleakala. We kept an eye out for native animals and plants and fell in love with the sight of turtles, manta rays, three horned chameleons, and much more. In addition to our schooling, the kids completed a daily journal and brought along both fiction and nonfiction books to further experience Hawaii.  These were great for the long days in the car, the flight, and downtime between activities.

1. Kids travel journal
2. Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #28: High Tide in Hawaii
3. Hawaii’s Strangest, Ickiest, Wildest Book Ever
4. Magic Treehouse: High Tide in Hawaii
5. American Girl Series: Growing Up with Aloha
6. Junie B Jones: aloha-ha

1. Fish Market in Lahaina – fish and kalua pork tacos (not pictured because I inhaled it like a fatkid)
2.Da Kitchen – Kalua Pork, DO IT!SEP_8289
3. Coconut’s Fish Tacos covered in coconut milk slaw and mango salsaSEP_8005.jpg
4. Poke bar in Foodland (spicy poke and seaweed salad) – NOT ALL pokes are gfSEP_8290

We tried (twice) but never made it inside Maui Brick Oven – 100% gluten free but operates on weird hours

Gluten Free San Fransisco and Maui

We recently traveled to Hawaii with a 7 hour layover in San Fransisco. With the length of time between flights and San Fran’s easy public transportation, it was a no brainer to spend a few hours between flights enjoying the beauty of the city.

With 3 kids in tow, we kept our adventures to a minimum. We only had backpacks, so luggage wasn’t an issue, however if you have a large carry-on you can store it for $25 a day near the international terminal. This will make walking through the city a much more enjoyable experience.

We hopped on the BART and for roughly $20 a person round trip, we rode to Embarcadero Street. From there is was a 5 minute walk to the Ferry Building. If you are traveling without kids, you could grab a taxi, however, with 3 kids in carseats, the BART while more expensive, was far easier than hauling/renting carseats.

If you have a gluten allergy, the obvious MUST DO is to spend the afternoon eating ALLLLLL THE FOOOD at Mariposa Bakery. We went for the croissants, but grabbed lunch as well. My cousin and I had an everything bagel with eggs, bacon, and cheese and a ham and cheese pastry. The hands down favorite was the ham and cheese pocket. If you only eat one thing at Mariposa, trust me, this is the winner. We are lucky enough to live in Atlanta where the options for gf baked goods are plentiful, so we stuck to items we don’t often see and grabbed a 4 pack of cinnamon rolls and a couple croissants and pain au chocolats to enjoy our first few mornings in Hawaii. These were such a great treat. We took our kiddies across the street, grabbed some glutenous pizza for the kids and spent the afternoon playing at the park.

Back at the San Fransisco Airport, we were traveling out of terminal 3 and were very happy with our gluten free options. The baby and I enjoyed our Chicken and Veggie Kabobs, hummus, rice, and greek salad from Amoura Meditterean. It was a lot of food and they were happy to swap my pita for an extra kabob.

Other options were available, but with only one meal in the airport, I couldn’t try them all. The San Fransisco Soup Company had a gluten labeled menu for lots of gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options. The Vietnamese shop (Bunn Me?) had Chicken Pho listed as gluten free and Five Pie had a gluten free pizza on the menu.

VIPKID Questions

In February 2017, I had recently quit my teaching job and was constantly pondering “What to do after leaving the classroom”, I stumbled upon a “work at home” opportunity in a mom’s group. I was hesitant because there are so many MLMs and scammy programs out there, but I took a leap of faith, signed up and within a week was teaching English every morning to some pretty awesome kids half way around the world. I’m now on my 4th (6 month) contract and am so excited I said yes to the opportunity. I receive frequent questions about this gig from many other parents looking for an opportunity to work at home with their kids. Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions. If I didn’t cover your question, feel free to send me an email and I’d be happy to help you get started.


+How does scheduling work? Is it flexible?

The hours are super flexible. There are no minimum number of hours and no set schedule. You can open your schedule two weeks out or as late as the day before. You get to decide when you want to open hours, and parents will book classes with you based on your availability. When I traveled to France, I didn’t need to notify my boss. I just didn’t open any hours on my schedule for those days. The thing about working from home is you only get paid for the work you do. Work as much as you want or as little as you want, your pay will represent those hours.

+Why does the schedule look so weird?

Our students are located in China, meaning they are halfway around the world. For us teachers on EST we are exactly 12 hours apart. For other time zones, your schedule will differ. Luckily VIPKID lists both the Beijing Time as well as your local time so scheduling is easy.

+I see facebook ads for this all the time. Is this a scam?

My first month I thought for sure I was giving away my time teaching for free, but I CAN PROMISE YOU the job is real, the kids are real, AND the money is real. This is not a scam.

+Who am I teaching? What am I teaching?

Generally, my students range from 5-13 years old. The younger students are learning English basics; such letters, sounds, sight words, and Consonant Vowel Consonant words (CVC words) like c-a-t or d-i-g. This is similar to what American students are learning in kindergarten.

My older students have had English in their school for several years and are working on developing their conversational english. We work on reading and comprehension, enhancing vocabulary, and practicing their grammar.

Almost all of my students are  very well-behaved. They are paying a lot of money to be present in class. With many of my younger students their parents are usually sitting next to them to ensure they are working. It was intimidating at first, but they aren’t there to judge you, they’re present to assist their own child.

+What do I need to qualify to teach?

While having a teaching certificate/experience working with kids will give you an extra advantage in the interview, the only requirement is that you have a Bachelor’s Degree.

In the interview you’ll want to emphasize your experience working with kids (teaching experience, sunday school, homeschool, summer camps, etc), there are planety of teacher in the company who do not have a teaching certificate but have experience working with kids.

The Bachelor’s degree is critical. VIPKID wants educated employees. If you have that, I can mentor you through the process. Added bonus is that after being hired, VIPKID offers tons of FREE workshops to help you become a better teacher!

+How can I make $1,000 a month?

Each employee is paid slightly differently, varying between $7-12 a 25 minute slot. I make $10 a class or $20 an hour which will make the math really easy. $20 an hour means that in order to make $1,000 a month, I must teach 50 hours a month. You can create a schedule that works for you but options include but are not limited to:
– 2.5 hours Mon-Friday
– 6-7 hours on Friday and Saturday nights

+I want to make this a full time gig. Is it possible?

Open more slots to teach; the more you work, the more you make. Lots of people make  $3000 – $4000 in a month but that means they work a lot. Everyday? All night on the weekends? Companies aren’t going to pay you for doing nothing, so if you want to make all the money, you have to do all the work. The possibility is there if you’re willing to work for it. Like any other job, you have to find a schedule that works for you and your family. I have friends who are single or who’s kids visit their other parent on the weekends and they take that opportunity to work two overnight shifts Friday and Saturday.

+I see a lot of morning classes, can I work at night?

Yes, remember the days of partying all night on the weekends, now that you’re a grownup, you can make money on Friday and Saturday nights instead. Being on EST, China is half of a day ahead of me. So when it is 8pm Friday night in Georgia, it is 8am Saturday morning in China and the kids are waking up on their weekend and wanting to  learn English. Unfortunately, unless the kids are on break from school though, there are not hours during the week because they’ll be in school.

+How do I signup?

To sign up use my link below. Have more questions? Just ask —> and I’d be happy to help you along the way.