Blue Apron Review: Is it safe for Gluten Free

A friend gifted me two meals from Blue Apron, so we were excited to give it a try.

We selected ordered the Carb Conscious Meal Prep ($72) since it had the fewest glutenous ingredients. A lot of the other meals had sides or pasta, orzo, couscous, or soy sauce based sauces which typically contain wheat. Our order included 2 servings of each:
• Seared Chicken & Lemon Mayo with Kale & Sweet Peppers
Chicken & Roasted Vegetables with Creamy Black Bean Sauce
• Salmon & Sautéed Vegetables with Tomatillo Sour Cream
• Roasted Salmon & Curry Ranch with Cabbage, Carrots & Peas

*Meals were easy to prepare
*Good variety between the 4 meal prep options
*Since all ingredients came prepackaged, it was easy to omit “gluten” by leaving off items such as crispy fried onions
*Good sized portions, but would be easy enough to cook up some rice or potatoes to serve alongside if you wanted gluten free carbs

*No clearly labeled gluten free options
*Some ingredients, such as the black bean sauce did not have ingredients listed, so we skipped them.

Additional Information:
* 8 servings for $72 ($9 a serving)
* Our first order arrived two days late and warm so the food was tossed out. The company never replied to our email, but they did credit our account so we could place another order free of charge. While I’m grateful for the credit, its frustrating to plan meals and end up with no food and a last minute run to the store.

While we enjoyed our food without tummy troubles, I would be hesitant to do more business with Blue Apron until there is more clear labeling. If you are looking for SAFE, GLUTEN FREE MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES, check out the ones listed that we have tried and loved.

Splendid Spoon

1. Splendid Spoon – ALL VEGAN, ALL GLUTEN FREE prepared meals (soups, grain bowls, smoothie) arrive frozen. Use the link to save $25 on your first order which makes 10 meals (including shipping) $70


2. Epicured – ALL GLUTEN FREE, LOW FODMAP prepared meals overnighted to arrive fresh. Restaurant style flavor (and higher pricing with meals between $13.99-22.99)

Modify Health

3. Modify Health – ALL GLUTEN FREE, LOW FODMAP prepared meals vacuum sealed and shipped overnighted to arrive fresh. Use the code GLUTENFREE10 when you order 8+ to get 4 of those meals for FREE.

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