3rd Grade Math Escape Room

My husband and I did an escape room with some friends while on vacation and fell in love with the the mind provoking fun. I surprised him with this at home version. We are planning to have some friends over for a game night and will report back since this game is a one time use. I felt a little bummed when I saw it was only a one timer since I misread the details online (19 activities, not 19 different plays), but then quickly remembered that this at home version is infinitely cheaper than a night out.

I am guilty of finding a new hobby and wanting to do it on the repeat (sorry honey), so this idea quickly took over my brain and now my kids have their very own escape room at home. I love the idea of using these in the classroom or as a homeschool mama to bring fun back into learning. You can find my latest escape for 3rd graders here. Your kids will hardly notice their doing math, as they problem solve through higher order multistep problems to escape the lovebugs. escapethelovebugspreview

This would be perfect as a review for before testing or a great way to make math more engaging on Valentine’s Day when finishers are rewarded with a sweet treat.

We covered these skills 3.MD.D.8, 3.OA.D.8, MP1 but are always up for the challenge of creating new games.

In the comments, drop what standards you would like seen covered?

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