Gluten Free San Fransisco and Maui

We recently traveled to Hawaii with a 7 hour layover in San Fransisco. With the length of time between flights and San Fran’s easy public transportation, it was a no brainer to spend a few hours between flights enjoying the beauty of the city.

With 3 kids in tow, we kept our adventures to a minimum. We only had backpacks, so luggage wasn’t an issue, however if you have a large carry-on you can store it for $25 a day near the international terminal. This will make walking through the city a much more enjoyable experience.

We hopped on the BART and for roughly $20 a person round trip, we rode to Embarcadero Street. From there is was a 5 minute walk to the Ferry Building. If you are traveling without kids, you could grab a taxi, however, with 3 kids in carseats, the BART while more expensive, was far easier than hauling/renting carseats.

If you have a gluten allergy, the obvious MUST DO is to spend the afternoon eating ALLLLLL THE FOOOD at Mariposa Bakery. We went for the croissants, but grabbed lunch as well. My cousin and I had an everything bagel with eggs, bacon, and cheese and a ham and cheese pastry. The hands down favorite was the ham and cheese pocket. If you only eat one thing at Mariposa, trust me, this is the winner. We are lucky enough to live in Atlanta where the options for gf baked goods are plentiful, so we stuck to items we don’t often see and grabbed a 4 pack of cinnamon rolls and a couple croissants and pain au chocolats to enjoy our first few mornings in Hawaii. These were such a great treat. We took our kiddies across the street, grabbed some glutenous pizza for the kids and spent the afternoon playing at the park.

Back at the San Fransisco Airport, we were traveling out of terminal 3 and were very happy with our gluten free options. The baby and I enjoyed our Chicken and Veggie Kabobs, hummus, rice, and greek salad from Amoura Meditterean. It was a lot of food and they were happy to swap my pita for an extra kabob.

Other options were available, but with only one meal in the airport, I couldn’t try them all. The San Fransisco Soup Company had a gluten labeled menu for lots of gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options. The Vietnamese shop (Bunn Me?) had Chicken Pho listed as gluten free and Five Pie had a gluten free pizza on the menu.

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