All About Money

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Literature about money

Once Upon A Dime

The Penny Pot

The Coin Counting Book

A Dollar, A Penny, How Much and how many?

Berenstain Bears The Trouble with Money

Berenstain Bears Dollars and Sense

Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday

A Chair for My Mother has a great (and free) mini book about money that is a perfect addition to our lapbook.


My kids will do any work if it feels like a game. Here’s a great way to practice recognizing coins and adding money with a game of memory.

Are your kids competitive? Have them play “WAR” with money. This was always a HUGE hit in my classroom. We turned every skill into WAR.

Imaginative Play: My kids love setting up shops and restarants. They adore playing every role from hostess to cashier to diner and everything in between. M loves to design her own menus and T loves ringing up the customers with this play register. Such a cheap purchase that provides endless amounts of fun and learning.

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