New Jersey Visit

My cousin had a baby, so little miss and I traveled to New Jersey for baby snuggles and  gluten free yummies. doco west parkBroad Street Doughnut Company was first up on the list and did not disappoint. We went by Sunday morning and treated ourselves to the Boardwalk (vanilla & sprinkles), something delicious covered in cannoli cream, and my very favorite, West Park (imagine an inside out Boston cream)- plain doughnut dipped in chocolate and covered with bavarian cream. The West Park was hands down the favorite among everyone. The cannoli didn’t wow me, but next to the West Park, I’m not sure anything could.doco cannoliIt was such a nice treat to find a place with gluten free doughnuts. The rest of the trip I stunk at taking pictures, probably because my hands were busy holding babies and stuffing my face.

Other great finds:

Rook– AMAZING, perfectly roasted coffee. This no fuss coffee shop was probably the best coffee I’ve ever had. No frills….well roasted, great flavor….I grabbed a bag of beans to bring back home and even my coffee snob husband loved it.

APR_5397.JPGThe Macaroon Shop– these gluten free macaroons are to die for. My aunt mails them to me in Florida, they are that good. Those 2 pounds won’t last long, but luckily for me, other people around the world love them as much as I do, so the Macaroon Shop has them all ready to ship.

Last but not least, we went to Belmar for a trip down memory lane. I used to spend every summer visiting my grandparents. Orange italian ice & vanilla frozen yogurt was the perfect combination from Strollo’s italian ice.

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