The Mess My Kids Made Me

“Having kids is like having to clean up after a party you didn’t get invited to.”

“Buuuut moooooom….its not fair I have to ALWAYS do ALLL the cleaning.” my  year old whines when I ask her to pick up the 6 pairs of shoes SHE left in the living room today. It was a breaking point somewhere between stumbling over bikes, stepping on deathly sharp legos, and find myself picking up the 1,000th sock of the day that I finally felt inspired to read the book, my friend recommended. A book about cleaning, as if I have time or the interest in that, but a chapter in I felt a shift. Something was stirring inside of me and I knew this book was the answer to my prayers.

I grabbed an affiliate link for this book,

because I just knew it was something I could stand behind. Marie Kondo has found a method to help minimize belongings because without the stuff, there is no clutter…. no mess, no hair pulling, voice shreaking “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!”

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